Wisdom Invites Madness (11:00 AM)

Wisdom Invites Madness, (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11)
~ D², @d2poetry

Examine my heart

it beats
intricate melodies
on repeat

Examine my thoughts

tracing genius
plotting against

Examine my hands

open for giving
gripped for living
raised for what
my religion holds

Examine my motives

pulls to lofty goals
leading to darkness
buried beneath layers
of unquenchable soil

Examine my prayers

pleadings and
praisings and
prying away with intercession
seeking limitless grace
unwarranted favor

Examine my love

balanced under the
threshold of unconditional
two-steps behind
what is pure and perpetual

Examine my feet

scaling mountains
climbing down stairs
running empty races
walking in despair

Examine my existence

a philosophical
questioning if I am really
and truly

~ D², 8.05.17, 11:21 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

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