Unrealistic Soul

My soul is unrealistic
He says as wind design
You fly the metal earth
And followed your divine

He left the words
Upon my lips
Sou d and rhythm
Slowly dripped

It pumped my blood
It gave me life
It spoke my secrets
To the night

What makes your dream
The one that’s right
The burn in you
The driving fight

The blessings that fall
In your lap
I have them too
And am on track

Just like you
I made a plan
And follow it
As time commands

2 thoughts on “Unrealistic Soul

  1. Just like you
    I made a plan //

    I like this last part, for when I got to it I felt compelled to read from the beginning yet again. I thought about those nights of sleep or non-sleep when my mind is active. Whether it races or drifts, the many thoughts come. Your words like “sound and rhythm slowly dripped,” “spoke my secrets to the night,” and that first hook, “My soul is unrealistic” all resound with relatable experiences. Again, coming to that last stanza, I wondered how much we truly can plan and command in our lives.

  2. Thank you very much for the feedback. It was even more poetic than this piece! Hahaha. This is about a friend of mine that is an engineer for Harley Davidson. He had told me my writing, and my music passions were unrealistic.
    It is also coming from a time I had just left the Mormon church, and I was being judge by people who had no idea what was going on between myself, and God.
    I truly appreciate your input, and your beautiful words
    Thank you

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