Red Dawn

We are each of us, imprisoned

Here in this very room, each of us are being watched

Checked up on constantly

Our every action seen and catalogued

Kept on a list

We obey their rules

In the hope of receiving a reward

Or avoiding the list of those that dissent

Who’s on what list?

Are you one of the well behaved?

Are you?

Did you follow these rules?

Did you?

These arbitrary constructs!

Decided by another

Far more powerful than ourselves

An individual more in control of our lives

Than any nefarious Gestapo or Stazi

Shrouded in disbelief!

Indoctrinating our children!

The most complete network of control over human life

That the world has ever seen

With access to every home

Access to every room

Every Family in the world.

No lock can bar their path

And no door can prevent entry

All powerful

Terrible and terrifying

We may wish to resist but no one can

We can’t stop him

Evil personified

Santa Claus

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