I Promise (#6)


for Lyric

Brown-eyed Baby Girl
Sing, baby, Sing
All the words of your heart are there
Right there, visible
Your tongue trembles with prayer

Brown-eyed Baby Girl
Speak, baby, Speak
I see your words in the
Swirling depths of color that frame your soul
Gifts from your mother

Brown-eyed Baby Girl
Smile, baby, Smile
Your daddy’s teeth are gleaming
Beneath your braids and colored baubles
Your beauty is breath-defying

Brown-eyed Baby Girl
Laugh, baby, Laugh
This is the praise that delights God
Teach us, dear one
Teach us about joy

Brown-eyed Baby Girl
Dance, baby, Dance
A key exists that will unlock all of your secrets
Unchain your soul, unfurl your voice
Your feet are free to spin and twirl and leap, unbound

We will find this key
Sweet Brown-eyed Baby Girl
We will be relentless in our quest
Until then

My Brown-eyed Baby Girl



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