We, The Elephants (#8)

Magnificent creature
I am in awe of your beauty
Envious of your herb-fueled strength
I want to love like you love
Deeply and without reservation and forever
I want to mourn like you mourn
Deeply and without reservation and forever
Caress the white-washed skeletons
With tender trunks, joined in honor and sorrow
Revering the fallen for as long as it takes

Not like the Mbuti
Who believe the ancestors inhabit this current body
I do not see my grandmother in your eyes
Or the Igbo
Who bury the dead with your tusks
You touch the living, say everything
With a tender stroke, playful slap, a nudge
You remember everything

In a perfect world, we would be friends
Walk beneath the sun and stars
Raise each other’s babies

At the end
I hope it is you
I hope it is you who stands over me
Who guards my bones
You who touches them with tenderness
And remembers

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