Letter to A Friend

Your huge incredible life adventure brought you to us.
We have been so blessed by your presence here. You have brought insight, comfort, and laughter.
You have taught us to see the joy in the smallest moments, because joy does exist there.
You have encouraged us to see the lessons in our struggles differently, as learning experiences and opportunities rather than obstacles and failures.

The day-to-day grind haunts all of us but chafes your tender skin even more.
Your sadness is heartbreaking for those of us who love you.
You are an amazing light for so many of us
We can’t imagine that you ever sit in darkness.

There was a time when I was visiting a little festival on the beach.
As the sun dropped in the sky, the band on stage grew quieter.
Then they stopped playing and turned to watch the sky.
As the sun melted into the ocean, the entire beach erupted in applause.
As if sunsets didn’t happen every day.

I wish you renewed hop and restored joy.
That you tread water less and swim more.
That your heart heals and you are filled with the love of your tribe.
That you are overwhelmed by the most beautiful ordinary you’ve ever experienced.

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