Great Grandma’s Old Homestead

I see you now in my mind!   How frail you were many years ago! Your white hair all pinned up neatly in a bun. Sometimes you would sit in your chair trying to listen to all of us, your little great grand children, as we were running around there!  Your hearing aids were in place, a look of tiredness on your face! There were trinkets and treasures in a big, glass case, on display. I was so young then, but later learned about what hard times  you lived and went through back in your day!

Sometimes when we’d come to visit, we would play in the yard, I was told there were snakes about so I always stayed on guard!  My cousins and I would run in and out of the house. I hope we didn’t disturb you as you rested in that big tall bed! I wasn’t around when you passed away, I wish I had been, I often think back to those precious days!  Wouldn’t you be lost and probably not know how to act with all this modern day stuff we have now! I think you would  figure it out anyhow! Thank you Great Grandma for the strength I’ve learned from you and how you never gave up! You persevered as your five children you raised on your own: Your little family you led!  One day soon I’m going to go back to my roots and look up your old Homestead! I love you!


























































































































































































































































































































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