Poem 1

Why I started writing..

Collecting hundred of thoughts
collecting memories..
but where are they?
After years, when we grow old, wrinkled, skinny, blind..
we forget evething..
only blur images left in mind.
I started to write..
to save all the moments of life
every piece of paper shows me the grace
with which I embrace..
counting the number of years i wasted
which left untasted..
But now, to give it a meaning,
I write everything..
Whenever, i needed or missed that charm,
I go back to that warmth..
It gives me joy, power, faith
encourages me to be more brave..

Sorrow, tears, struggle
all comes my way..
But reading those memories take them away
pictures, videos are one of the subsitutes
but writings re-creates that fruit..
what you felt, you wrote and then read, years after..
nobody can take that from you.

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