The Desert

The heat rises from the unrelenting dirt beneath my feet

It billows up my legs, past my waist before it crashes into my face leaving me breathless.

My tongue swells inside an arid mouth.

I turn my burning eyes upward to the cloudless sky.

Help me, God.

I push aside the realization that I cannot survive,

and instead, I give in to the unrelenting desire to live.

Help me, God.

There is no one to help before or behind me,

only a dry wasteland.

I continue forward with no purpose or direction

other than to keep progressing.

Help me, God.

My legs give way and my knees land on the searing, unmoving ground

A scream of pain arises but is choked off before it reaches my mouth.

I cannot rise.

Help me, God.

I succumb to defeat.

I cannot go on, I am helpless.

I allow my body to collapse, and then I feel it.

One drop.

It evaporates from my feverish skin as quickly as it arrives.

Another drop.

They slowly begin a rhythmic tapping as if trying to rouse what little life may remain.

I must be dreaming.

I force my eyes open, and I can see it.


From heaven.

At first, the drops are swallowed by the dusty earth,

but they multiply and the waves of heat turn sultry with moisture.

I roll to my back and open my mouth to drink in the heavenly drops.

Soon I am refreshed and soaked from head to toe.

I rise again and resume walking.

Around the next bend,

there is a road in the distance.

Help is there.

I will survive.

My eyes, now wet with rain and tears look up once more.

Thank you, God.


5 thoughts on “The Desert

  1. Help me, God. How often are those words said and our faith tested until He provides? And then, when they were, I truly appreciate how you came back to thank Him for the answer.

    I look forward to more of your poems.

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