To Diane, you should have taken a chance


It was always the beach calling me
smell, ocean breezes and frothy wave
What happened next upon that sea
I kept close to my heart, save
the best secrets in my soul go free

When the handsome surfer brought me on his boat
I was 17; both had long flowing hair, starting to experiment
With drugs and drinking, driving and the rest,
You know what I mean if you made it through
Too many didn’t and the rest, don’t let it worry you

Surfer boy took me out to sea on a late summer day
At first we laughed and looked at each other, blue eyes
stared at my brown, and a kiss formed, sweet and soft
He grabbed and held me close, and started telling me things
the things he would like to do, and his voice changed

Surfer boy became surfer man and I was willingly trapped on his boat
Suddenly the sun dove into the waves, no moon took its place
The funny toasts we made to each other became our sweet love songs
I didn’t want to go back to the shore, please oh please, I begged, some more
and surfer man wanted me to stay, in fact he wanted me for the whole next day

I’ll never forget my surfer boy, long blonde hair with eyes so blue
Our special love story started upon my surfer boy’s boat
But life got in the way again, a young girl and young man
He had to fish for his father, you see, and I had to go back to land
We promised we would keep in touch, but so much for that plan

I often think of you, surfer boy and wonder where you’ve gone
I’m back on land and missing the sea, the shore and especially you
With long blonde hair and eyes so blue
Wonder if you would have been true
My magical surfer boy, I miss you

© Diane Morinich

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