Death- An Inevitable Truth

Death will drain,
Life’s every strain.
All things will mend,
After death in the end.

Be it big or small,
Death has its role.
Death is not a notion,
That fears no pill or potion.

Life is a maze,
That will take away every gaze.
Death will drain,
Life’s every strain.

Stay of every man is destined,
There is no question.
Death comes in stages,
Asking for its wages.

Death takes to Heaven or Hell,
Little knowing, death is a well.
Death is very clever,
When it comes, it tells us never.

Be strong and sturdy,
Get ready for this hardy gurdy.
If you prepare for death in life,
Happiness will become strife.

Whether young or old,
Death will be told.
Wake up old man,
Death could be at hand.

None can avoid,
Death leads to void.
Spring, summer or fall,
Death remembers us all.

Why is stealth?
Health yields to death.
Hope death is quick,
When you are very sick.

From pole to pole,
Death has a role.
Towards the end,
Death is a friend


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