If I Could Define Love

A love story so bold

Must be elegantly told


A story I must tell

When love was really well


If it can be measured

Love must be treasured


In the cold or in the heat

Love is sweet


Love can be heard

With just half a word


Love has a wavelength

That is only our strength


I wish I was a singer

So I could make love linger


Love has taught me

To say forget me not


Love is a part

Straight from the heart


Love is dealing

With a special feeling


Love is the link

That makes the heart think


Love is a gift

That gives you a lift


Love is a glue that

Holds people two


Love is a narcotic

Better than tonic


Bitter or sweet

Love is a treat


Love can teach

Things out of reach



Love as such

Is never too much


Love is a God given right

Hold on to it tight



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