Hour 24 : Fear

Words seem empty

And they can betray

Pushing things to the edge

Knowing my faults

The horror sinks in

You would no longer be near

Filled up with remorse

If it’s worth, I am sorry

Turning in to a monster

You know very well

Our love is on the line

I want you beside me

I wish I can say that

The hurt I have caused you

And the pain I have put you through

A fear which grows inside me

Of losing you forever

I still make mistakes and mess up

But the only mistake I will regret

Is the one, one where I lose you

So here I come to you in shambles

Hope you see, that I want you forever

That I love you

I hold on to these strings of words.

4 thoughts on “Hour 24 : Fear

  1. Oh, the paradoxes of words coupled with the challenge of poetry. . . .
    Your complexities are evident: words that are “empty” if silence is needed; then again, nothing replaces “I’m sorry” after horrors and hurt. At the close of your poem, I was cheering for you when I read, “I come to you in shambles” and valued your lessons all the more.

  2. This poem is so profound and heart breaking
    And the pain I have put your through sounds like a confession and a break up looming with you not wanting to let go but then of losing you forever

    It’s well conveyed and has a lot of meaning thank you Divya for sharing your piece on Fear

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