Hour 9 – Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is such a treat
Better than some old worksheet
Just log onto our Zoom account
– Don’t move your camera all about-
Now sit and look here at the screen
I’ll show you how to grow a bean
– I know you feel the heat my friend
But put your clothing on again –
Get a bottle or a jar
– Wait! Not now! Stay where you are! –
We put the little bean in so
With soil and water, then watch it grow
– Oh look, you’ve spilled your cottage cheese
No more eating now, friends, please –
Any questions? – What’s that you say?
You needn’t wear your mask, okay? –
I hope you will give this a try
Our hour is up, so long! Goodbye!
Distance Learning is such a treat
Well, maybe that thought’s incomplete.

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