Hour Seventeen – With Eyes of Flame

With Eyes of Flame
– a golden shovel after Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

The mission is good, the mission is important, the
mission is imperative. That beast! That Jabberwock!
It is essential that it be subdued, place under guard with
no chance of escape, or killed. I have not seen it with my own eyes,
yet, but does that mean we should take any chances? Of
course the rumors may be false. Who can believe it has eyes of flame?
But better we err on the side of caution. Safe, not sorry. We came
to this wasteland in hopes of peace, with a jaunty ease, whiffling
our way through. But now we know: this place is not safe. And through
new rules, new safeguards, we all will live, and live well! I tell you, The
Command has your best interest at heart! Our opposition, the Tulgey
Brigade, would have you believe the beast is friendly. Friendly! This wood
is filled with horrifying creatures, and the Jabberwock is the worst! And
what’s more, it intends to kill the lot of us! That noise that it burbled?
That is its death cry! As a commander of many armies, and as
leader in many similar explorations, you can depend on me to know. It
is my duty to . . . Aaaaaah, it came!

3 thoughts on “Hour Seventeen – With Eyes of Flame

  1. This is just as well-written! Like I don’t even know what to write since it’s perfect to me, so I will just state my favorite lines- “We came/to this wasteland in hopes of peace, with a jaunty ease, whiffling/our way through” (this shows their hypocrisy right? they are invading yet claim that it’s for peace).
    Actually, if my write all the impactful and favorite lines here, it would be entire poem. Thank you for sharing!

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