Hour Twelve – Snow White, Retold

Snow White, Retold

Seven dwarves who worked in a mine
Came home from their labors to find
Their beds were all made
Their bills were all paid
But the girl now in charge was hardlined

Snow White was never no dope
She made them all clean up with soap
Wipe their shoes on the mat
Each hang up his hat
But for good food they now had some hope

Snow White bit the apple and fell
Under the witch’s vile spell
The little men grieved
Wiped their eyes on their sleeves
But there is one more chapter to tell

The prince rode up on his horse
Which princes will do, but of course
They kissed, she awoke
She saw the small folk
“Sorry, I’m staying here,” she retorts

3 thoughts on “Hour Twelve – Snow White, Retold

    1. Thanks! I feel like the meter is off a bit, and some of the rhymes are a stretch. It definitely could use a polish. But I’m glad you could connect to it.

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