Big Fishtails

I went fishing with my best friend
Down upon the lake.
We had rods and reels in hand
And a pail of fresh oatcake.
We tossed our lines into the depths
Certain we would find
That old granddaddy catfish
That we always seemed to leave behind.
We tossed and reeled repeatedly
Until finally something bit!
I started reeling up the line
A hollering, “Dang it’s big!”
I reeled and reeled and braced myself
And finally reeled it in.
I didn’t have granddaddy catfish
But it had to be his kin.
We tossed our lines in once again
Hoping we’d have some luck
The rod bowed down and touched the ground
It felt like it got stuck.
That fish it looked like granddaddy
We braced ourselves to get him in
Just as we got him to the shore
The line broke, we watched him swim.
Dejected and defeated, we stumbled on back home
We had to tell our parents
What we almost brought them home.
We told them about granddaddy
He was 10 feet long at least!
He had the longest whiskers
He would have made a feast!
We related to them our story
Of how he got away
I don’t think our family believes us
Even until this day.

One thought on “Big Fishtails

  1. Such a fantastic poem! Hooked me (no pun intended) from beginning to the end. Great narration– I felt like I was in the story. Great rhythm to the piece. I could definitely see this made into a children’s book! Amazing job!

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