Hour 17: The 80’s Tech

The 80’s Tech

I remember as a teenager having my finger at the ready

To push the button on my boombox, I’d have to hold it steady.

I’d wait and wait some more, just waiting for a song

To record at the right time, sometimes I’d have to wait so long.

I’d finally get the song, and in the summers heat

My cassette would frustratingly melt, I would feel defeat.

Other times it would unravel, a pencil I would grab

I would have to wind it carefully, be careful not to stab.

When I finally got my mixtape perfected I would place

It in my Walkman happily, turn it up and hear that bass.

I still have so many cassette tapes, a holdover from my youth

To get rid of them would break my heart, and that is the truth.

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