Our planet is being destroyed
In rocks and fire and flame
The moon itself has ceased to exist
The why leaves us no one to blame.
Only a few of the people who live
Will have the chance to survive.
They will live and work in space
In a station for the rest of their lives.
Many conflicts arise in space
Lives and order torn apart.
The men and women on the ship
Have to make a brand new start.
No help will come from the planet
The world they knew is gone.
No help will come from anywhere
Nothing left of all they’ve known.
Time flies on and eventually 
Eight women left to keep the race
Alive and well and going on
Though one can only help the pace.
The seven women push humankind
Into the next centuries…
     Then milleniums.
In the distant future, the human race survives
Thanks to the seven eves efforts
Who ensured it with their lives.
The planet is finally habitable
And so some people go
Down to the surface far from space
To see what they can know.
A lot of change has happened
And the people are aware
How those seven women gave all
For a world that was no longer there.

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