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24 My name is Ian. I am an author and part-time recluse from Nowhere, Midwest USA. I also do work involving content delivery research. I use poetry to understand my reality and sometimes I go out for a drive. This is my first time here and I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate. I thank the administrators for their (very) hard work and brilliant idea-  Events like this are not as common as they should be.

I write SCIENCE FICTION. My short story collection, The Social Medium, is available NOW. It has sold → ██████ copies.
or just download the pdf, whatever
My debut novel CANNY VALLEY will be released pending more efficient distribution methods.

I am looking forward to 24 hours of literary masochism. It’s like what I do every day except even crazier.
It is a pleasure to internet meet you all, have an Εxtraordinary day.guy

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