What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?

There’s something scary in the dark and the adults need cartoons to help them sleep at night
after we open their phones all day for the state-mandated doses of paralyzing fear.

What’s left to do but reach out for some kind of comfort?
But the small talk is tinged with violence.

suspicion, the other– is it you?
Who do I blame?
Is it you?
It’s them.
Are they you?

Terror and reprieve from the terror – whiplash
content, engagement, repeat.

Like our Airbnb host in Lisbon, a woman from Angola, said as she looked at her grandson watching cartoons,
“It’s good to distract the mind.”

One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?

  1. I love this observation—adults need cartoons to help them sleep at night. We are all afraid of monsters. Such a powerful meditation on our current world

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