Hour 7. Alakapuri


Nestled in the snowclad Himalayas
The capital of Kubera(1), the celestial treasurer
Alakapuri the seat of riches.

Golden chariots with silver wheels slipping on
Roads paved with sandalwood veneers
Curbs studded with precious stones.

Celestial dames dressed gossamer silks
Peeping out of mansions built with multicolor marbles
And twinkling diamonds shine like sequins on a blue chiffon.

Dark blue lakes and lotus ponds
Simmering in sunshine issuing rainbows
This marvel of a city indeed a jewel in the crown.


  1.  Yakshas are mischievous nature spirits, somewhat akin to elves.
  2.  Kubera is the Lord of the Yakshas, elder brother of Ravana

2 thoughts on “Hour 7. Alakapuri

  1. Lovely. magical descriptions and I learned something about Buddhist/Hindu mythology…Kubera being the king of the yakshas…..I had to look that up on Google. You might add that to your 1.1 at the bottom of the poem…

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