Free Verse – By The Hands of Men

Prompt 8, Hour 8

Emoji Poetry – prompt contributed by Jennifer Faylor

Look at these emoji versions of poems and write a poem by translating one of them back into verse. You can deviate from translating at any point if a poem takes off in a different direction, or write about the concept of or your experience with emojis instead. For additional inspiration check out one of Stephanie Berger and Carina Finn’s emoji poems here. 


Free Verse – By The Hands of Men


A stone
shaped by the hands
of men.

takes back the forgotten
like lost sheep
rejoin their flock.

for those trapped
within life’s web.
A tempest, caused by the spider
who dances, like a tidal wave,
throughout the air.

A violent ocean
holds violent life.
Beauty; a shell
which contains danger.
Slow magnetism;
powerful and inevitable
an unresisted magic.

to your thoughts
before you speak them aloud.

a natural defence,
a drop of blood drawn
by a sharpened quill.
Nature’s gift
to the lucky.

The intricate dance
of mother nature’s design,
usurped by the hands of men
in their desire for destruction.

wanes like the moon.
An empty planet
save for the luxuries
all of which remain
untouched and untasted
neither savoury or sweet
can intoxicate.

That natural defence
A burning first bite
which hides the true flavour
of distraction, preferred
by destroyers. Whose teachings
are a mystical creature,
broken and bruised,
beauty taken
for consumption.

The myriad of creatures left
in ocean and field
are lost.

For man climbs ever on
higher than wings
could ever take them.
Yet deep is their decent;
an ocean floor
where time moves man
beyond the fleeting
story told, 

before their light
burns out.

Poem 8 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

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