DS Coremans’ Prompt Responses – Hour 23

The Poetry Marathon 2022 – Hour 23

Original Poetry by DS Coremans


Verse Form (Broken) – Tender Buttons

Are there words to put you into yellow,
red, aquamarine, turquoise dream
aesthetic value corporations mellow
outright rage or passive fury scream
a little quieter please that echo in
a little glass drum is distracting
me or you, can you hear that too? Sin,
well not a saint or pontification
participation in a daily ritual never
a chore always a pleasure not like
that isn’t a star, isn’t, is, I/sever
the artery
watch it bleed

 Break the line,

                                              lose the echo

Lose the rhyme…             …               …

             …the rhyme is gone now

…lose the the the…         …      …



This poem was inspired by Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.

Additional Poems

Cinquain – Nothing

Can you
define nothing
or the absence of real
which has been replaced by the most


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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