DS Coremans’ Prompt Responses – Hour 4

The Poetry Marathon 2022 – Hour 4

Original Poetry by DS Coremans


Sonnet – Survival

The dust never settles. It rains each day.
We stay inside after the sun rises.
The world we left behind us chastises
and now nobody listens when we pray.

There is still time left for another way
as there always was in the world before;
it is harder to listen than ignore,
it is easier to stay than to stray.

But, too many survive instead of thrive
in a world which is mean for all not one
individual right does not beat reason.
Do all that you can while you are alive
to avoid a life spent without the sun
to ensure we survive the next season.


Additional Poems

Cinquain – The Sun

The sun
came long before
and will survive us all
to a time where the light reaches

Senryu – Cover My Tracks

I adore the world
and as I find my place here
I leave no footsteps.

Triolet – To The Moon

I sing to the moonlight;
I bow to the sun.
I rise with the world, bright
I sing to the moonlight
in a world beyond night.
I sing to the moonlight
when the work is never done.
I shall sing to the moonlight
while I bow to the sun.

Haiku – Precious

I see in moonlight
a world dusted in silver;
the world is precious.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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