DS Coremans’ Prompt Responses – Hour 8

The Poetry Marathon 2022 – Hour 8

Original Poetry by DS Coremans


Gigan – Savage Garden

I planted seeds within a savage garden
not to grow them but to slowly harden

the generations to come learn from the past
and nothing but a reputation will last
but some like to roll after the die are cast

History is always a flawed rendition
of varied victor’s ardent ambitions

A picture will form in the mind’s of children
of a time before where nobody listened

When we choose to forget what is happening
we forfeit our coming day of reckoning

To our children, who we are supposed to love,
not go out into the world and paint it with blood
by then forgiveness will never be enough

This is my corner in my savage garden;
I work the soil for a future more certain.


Happy Writing. Stay Safe. Stay Distracted.

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