Epistolary – The Beautiful Warrior

Hour 4, Prompt 4

Write an epistolary poem that is a letter from you to someone who has passed and/or someone you have not seen in a long time.


Epistolary – The Beautiful Warrior

I miss you;

but of course
that goes without saying.

I have lost count of the days
that so successfully separate
me from you.

Each day gets harder
as life gets easier;
and the world spins on
without your presence.

I too am spinning
tying myself in knots and fraying.
So lost am I
that sometimes I forget
why I cannot see you.

I know that it’s important
that I wait to see you again.
I cannot rush the present
to get through to the end.
I must go on without you;
Carrying you instead

as a memory.
A face within my dreams:
The Beautiful Warrior
who fought only for time,
in which she could love,
all who allowed her
into their hearts.

I miss you;
but that goes without saying.
I fight now; your battle my own
I give my life to those I love
and in return I am whole
when I can see the happiness around me
cultivated with care; my hand
guided forever by you

My Beautiful Warrior.

Poem 4 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans

www.dscoremans.com – Forever Distracted by Life

One thought on “Epistolary – The Beautiful Warrior

  1. Wow, Darren. Just wow! This is beautiful. I know the terrible hole Thilda’s death ripped in my life; I cannot imagine yours (and Paul’s and Jim’s). Thilda and I used to discuss Daniel’s connection to a divine and how it allowed him to reside in a different place. I know he’s suffered through this but I think the place he lives is generally an easier one than ours. 🙏

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