Hour 16: Villanelle – Rise Up

Villanelle – Rise Up


Listen to the sounds,

of a slowly rising sun

as it rises from the ground.


You won’t know what you have found

Until the day is fully done

So listen to the sounds.


Turning round and round

but you are going to overcome

as you rise up from the ground.


Make your solemn vows

but don’t forget to have some fun

as you listen to the sounds.


Stare at the whitest clouds,

as you get ready for a run

and rise up from the ground.


You should already feel proud

even before the day is done

So listen to the sounds,

as you rise up from the ground.



Poem 16 of 24, written for the 24hr ‘Poetry Marathon’ 2021 by DS Coremans


Forever Distracted by Life


2 thoughts on “Hour 16: Villanelle – Rise Up

  1. Thank you Marion, I love the Villanelle form, I discovered it as part of a university assignment last year and absolutely fell in love with it. The way it loops back on itself always leaves me with a sense of satisfaction and completion when they are done.



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