My God, I Love You

What kind of God are you, anyway?
That you can be right here with me,
Every moment of every day
Is completely amazing.

I have heard your footsteps,
Understood your musings,
Followed your guidance,
Listened to your warnings.

But, I cannot praise you.
Simple praise is not enough.
Hallelujah and Glory to you
Pales to who you truly are.

I cannot love you enough,
Knowing you love me more.
I cannot give back
What you have given me.

Life, again. Pulled out of the darkness,
Formed from the Tree,
A child on your knee
Watching rainbows
Flutter through the leaves.

I heard the voice of your father
Thunderous, like clashing clouds,
Demanding my silence.
And yet, I barely obey.

You smiled at me when last I saw you.
I miss you.

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