The American Dream

So many seek it here
in America…
in these separate states
with their separate

That’s a good thing.

Privileged? No. Not at all.
What is the privilege of
simply being?
Of simply living
as humans?

Simply not a dream.

Pity the bored leadership
whose job it is to create
something to fight for…
to fight over…
to fight about

so that we can be human.

As with all humans,
they, too, seek safety…
seek support…
and an income…
to feed their loves.

They deserve compassion.

Deep within, at the root
of their conscious being,
they fear the dream
of others being more
than a little tiny thing…

A miniscule infant of death.

Not knowing, these divinely
corrupt beings all over
everywhere deny progress
for the beings that dream
of just being human.

The American Dream is.

America is a contract!
Not a person, nor a party,
nor a dreamy philosophy.
America is an obligation
to humanity…

though just paper.

Leaders, fear not, for…
whatever the reason…
fear the word “not”.
Fear it like a whole
ghost pepper, because

oppression is not.

Not nice, not appropriate,
not worthwhile, not effective,
not sustainable, not accurate,
not peaceful, and most of all…
by the power of our earth

not being human.

America, whether living the “dream”
or not, is unmistakably human.
And, so, as much as it is
just paper, it is also
life everlasting,

everywhere. Just live it.

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