My grandma


is what I call her

not sure if that comes from my jamican poppop

or what

shes a solider

these past years the hospital

has held her more than anyone

but she recently graduated

received a bachelors in nursing

any time I want to give up

i vision her

i walked in on her

in the hospital

i expected her to be in misery

after the stroke

but she was on the laptop

her doctorate is what she is after now

i wonder if the teacher even knows

the woman getting all those papers turned in

is my roll model

my hero

a woman of power

nothing stops her

i giggle at the stroke

it didn’t succeed in all it’s known for

i praise my God

He excelled

that’s usual though

she has to learn how to write

with her left hand

i remember I was left there

at the bottom of the hill

in my 20s

when I chose everything



i could care less now

they say a grandma’s prayers

are powerful

she prays for herself

And I pray too

i need her touch

her hidden strength

that bursts out in due time

i love her

i honor her

i think of her often

now I must speak to her…

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