Poem 10. To Be Kind Humans and Gentle Bears

A bear greeted them
gently on their wooded path
would they be so kind
as to share a cookie or
perhaps a half a sandwich.

In my head he spoke
a proper British accent,
but it could have been
any polite whisper I
suppose, being a bear and

all who speaks instead
of growls. With sandwich in hand
he further asked to
join them on their midday hike
and being such a gentle

and such a strong bear,
he carried all the backpacks.
When his friends saw him
not eating his new hiking
pals, they taunted and teased him.

But, the gentle bear
offered the others halves of
sandwiches, too, which
filled their bellies and softened
their big and growly bear hearts.

They all walked along
together, with the hikers
sharing their canteens
And the bears picking the most
perfect berries on the trail

for them all.

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