You Give Me Sleepless Nights

I am drawn to your pure illumination
Though darkness fills up the air
My thoughts always bring me back to these nights
Though I can’t close my eyes to be numb and just rest.

My mind brings me to a black hole of oblivion
The sound of night creatures haunts my every breath
You give me sleepless nights
Whenever you are within my sight.

Across the sky with stars scattered at your sides
You are like the Queen guarded by your valiant Knights,
There is no time that I don’t look up just to glance at your luminescence
My beloved Moon, your are like a sorcerer who cast a spell on me.

Your every phase, I love especially when on a Full Moon
When you shine your brightest and show your magnificence
Oh, Moon you are loved from a far,
By this kindred soul who offers you her words of admiration.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

One thought on “You Give Me Sleepless Nights

  1. Poem swinging in between light and darkness.blackholes, night creatures and not to forget the moon! I feel illuminated after reading the poem.thanks ma’am.

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