Waking Me Up

(Author’s note: the sad thing is, this is pretty much my internal dialogue every morning)


Hey… hey you…



It’s time to get up

C’mon, you know it’s time

No, don’t pull on my arm

No, don’t pull me back to bed

I know the covers are warm

And I know the hedgehog is huge and soft

I know how it feels when you hug it

But it’s time

It’s time to wake up…

No… you… not five minutes… now


Fine, fine, ten more minutes – no five more

Why did you change it to ten??

NO. Five Minutes.



Wake up

One thought on “Waking Me Up

  1. Love this – feels like my mom trying to get me up when I had to go to school; way back when. I feel you girl! Waiting for the end of the marathon but not quite there! Wish I’d seen this last Sunday. Loved it! Please feel free to peruse my poems too! Thanks!

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