Weeping Daughter

Weeping daughter

Don’t you know that you can have joy

For what you thought was the best thing, doesn’t even compare to what more

I have in store for you, if you would just believe

Your words speak a faith, yet, your heart is unbelief

Weeping daughter

Let me dry your eyes

Holding onto yesterday

Causes you to lose sight of renewed hope with a new day

I haven’t counted you as lost

You are still among the fold

I am the Good Shepard

With my loving hands, I will console

Weeping daughter

Look up with expectation

Man may have rejected you

But with me you’ve received acceptance

My shed blood has washed and purged your sin

Stop behaving like the swine

Returning to wallow in filthy pits

I have shown great mercy

With each breath you take

Yet, I am a jealous God

I will not share my glory

Do not mistake

Delayed judgment

For my being in agreement

Evil is wicked

Yet my plans work within it

Because you have free will

I will not force myself on you

I’m the perfect gentleman

Yet, one day soon time will end

Weeping daughter

Don’t lose hope

there’s work for you to do

Share your testimony

About what I can do

Others are waiting on you to show your light

Don’t hide under bushel

You’re required to be in plain sight

Your doubts and fears

Cast your cares on me

I was a man acquainted with your grief

Remind yourself of what my Son came to do

Encourage yourself in me

When ecstatic and when blue

Weeping daughter

Hear these words

Do not harden your heart

I will perform every promise

You’ve gotta be willing to depart

From self and be guided by my Holy Spirit

Too many with itching ears don’t recognize Truth when they hear it

I ask you to follow me on this sometimes lonely road

But your destination will be a crown in your Heavenly abode

COME HOME, my child

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