Bound to you, I cannot see the future.

Where am I going, where have I been-

those are questions you answer willingly,

quickly doling out responses, no hesitation in your voice.

What do you see? A body bound by you.

Kept close, tied tight, like a gift ready to be opened,

but only by you.


You keep me this way, easy and so calm,

a t-shirt and jeans, so casual and benign.

Not a worry, we’re just playing.

Is this practiced nonchalance?

I don’t know. I can’t tell anymore.

The trust has been eroded, because I was the one bound-

and blinded by my love.


So easily you slipped the ropes around my arms,

the blindfold over my eyes-

because I trusted you.

Then I found you lied.

Yet, I’m bound to you.

The refrain is sickening, it’s a chorus of poisoned sparrows,

poisoned arrows, poisoned darts.


Oh my heart-

the decadence it craved,

a crazed soliloquy,

tempered variety.

I gave

it all 

to you.


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