Wild Flowers, a story of weeds

Cement, plaster, iron and glass

man’s permanent structures sure faded fast

So glad we’re together, so glad we know

that a garden well tended will eventually grow

it may take a while, even long years

expect a few tangent’s, a few well paced tears

but we know some deep magic, between you and I

there are seed banks and aquafers under this sky

conserve what we can, that much we’ve learned

take care of the land, before it’s all burned

out and empty. No more delay

They said it would happen, some counted the day

Others they laughed and dove deeper into the void

Mother Earth was annoyed

she spewed and she spat, but she wasn’t destroyed

the pumpers and frackers, the excess of want

detritus now, the fats cats grown gaunt

service economy, dichotomy revolt

Kudza eats the houses, the ground swallows whole

all things not necessary, created below

the sky and the sun, the breast of the snow

through the cracks in cement the flowers still grow


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