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Words Prompt 1 

Write a poem about being in water. It can be about swimming, the shower, a bath, the rain, etc.
[edit 10.7.2022]
The Call of the Sea

When shall I go down to the sea again
To the salty sea and the waves
When will my desire be fulfilled
To taste the air I crave

When will I answer the questions
Waves ask lapping at my feet
What is the draw of the ocean
And why does my heart miss a beat
When I hear the cry
Of the gulls on high
As I watch the water play
And wonder at the tall ships passing by

Will I ever go down to the sea again
Taste the salt and smell the breeze
When will my life-long desire be fulfilled
And my soul once again be at ease

Image Prompt 1

They came
From where we know not
For who … we have no clue
But they came
With no warning

They wait
From the depths of the forest
They give no clue
They simply wait
Do they want us

All is silent
No indication of life
How did they get here
What do they want
Why are they here






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