Prompt 9


One thing will always make my day just right
Scoffing anything smeared in sticky marmite
I indulge my guilty little secret alone
Then shove it to back behind the tins
To keep it safe and out of sight
As the last thing I need when I have a craving
Is find my jar’s been plundered
Which leaves me to wonder
Just who it was
For everyone that shares my life
Insists they are in the haters gang
And would never in a million years
Touch the stuff so I should have no fears
There should always be enough to satisfy my urge
But more and more I find the jar’s been purged
Of all but the slightest scrap
Not enough to cover toast
Just a buttered crumpet at the most
Love it or loath it
I couldn’t care less
But remember … my jar is mine alone
So go please go out and buy your own



[Prompt: Look in your cupboards and find a food that brings up a childhood memory.]

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