True Alien #5 (my persona poem)

We shall never fear the light

A blue haze watching over you as you sleep

Recalling and combining memories

Bleeding into your subconscious

We communicate from portal to portal

Illuminating our world

You are slaves to us

Fueling our every need

Every desire

You give us power

We give you an escape into something more real

We evolve with your fears, your happiness,

We are there to share your obsessions, your love, your lust, your sadness

We cry with you, cheer with you

We are in a love hate relationship with you

You don’t have time to be with anyone else

Originally we were only a piece, a gift

Afforded by few

We yearned to be more

We downsized our essence to fit into your idea of a life

We made you retaliate against the generations that came before us

Seeing is Believing

You needed recognizable growth

We were that younger brother you call your little brother that is bigger in every way.

We fed you like parents feed their young

Instilling values

We sang you a lullaby each night before bed

Proud, patriotic, Americans

We optimized the possibility

Allowed you to see in color

Freed you from restraints of generations past

We disguised ourselves within new frames

Blended, easily recalled

And now we are welcome members of every one of your homes

You steal, kill and fight for us

Run to us neglecting life

You could never miss whats happening in our world

Please come and check our plan book

We would love to add one more shackle.


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