Under Water #1 (Thoughts of a Texas Pool Party)

Sorry guys forgot one key fact the Marathon is ET and I live in CT.  No problem catching up now.  🙂


It is a very gray area to drown and not know yet.  Social unrest keeps me fighting to reach the top.  How can we be expected to see the beauty around us when everyday we wake gasping, reaching for a breath.  That breath never comes.  The pinch grows to a dull sting that explodes to an unbearable burn.  It is to much, and blinds us to society’s beauty.  We pass out from the pain, and remain in a catastrophic state, wandering, attempting to find hope, to pull our way back to our personal top, but as we drift to the bottom and each current pulls us deeper, locks us deeper, banishes us deeper into the abyss.  We slowly die, loosing oxygen to key parts, until we asphyxiate on one dying truth.  Our skin color means, we will never be good enough.  There is no use to fight in a world that already sees us as dead, drowned in a stream, a river, a pool, a tub, an ocean.  The world is our ocean and we forever remain under it.  I wish society would have spent more money teaching our little black children to swim than making it inevitable for them to drown.  I wish drowning under the hypocrisy of our race was never an option.  I just wish we were allowed to truly live.

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