Flapping arms and buried feet
Tide in
Tidal recession.
Are they going to chase it?
Solar paneled hair
All black and charged up
Baked by the sun.
They rush to meet the foam
The cold laps at their faces this time.

I try to pull them back.
They run against
My intervention.

They love the swirl
They cold nip
Bringing back to present sensation.
My adult sensibility can hold no sway here.

I know it’s beautiful

But don’t go so deep you drown

I know it’s beautiful

There is no holding you back.
The more I try
The more you and the water
Both locked in your dance of resistance

One thought on “Push

  1. As someone who loves lap swimming and ocean swimming, I really get this poem. I read it and I feel I am in the ocean on partially cloudy day with the sun alternating being behind the clouds and shining down, with slight rip currents as the water rushes in and rushes out.

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