Hour 6: forgotten

Dear L,

i didn’t know when
you moved houses

a few blocks further
we’d never meet again

not even by chance
but that’s how it was

do you remember
how we guilt-tripped

ourselves every time
we scolded our children

before school time
and how we shared the same

birthday, and our
frustration with our husbands

you remember, don’t you
they told me – when

i came to visit
after your failed attempt

i had heard and so wanted
very much to see you

– that you wouldn’t be
able to stress your body

in any way, but i tried
to convince them

they let me stand
at the ICU window

and told me to wave
but you looked blank

as a freshly white washed wall
my broadest smile couldn’t

reach the darkened areas of your mind
you’d forgotten or chosen

not to remember
our friendship

hope you recover soon,
your rainbow.

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