there is no more theatre

there is no more spectacle

there is no more illusion

there is no more stage

everything has become exposed


slightly visible and immediately transparent


information light filled and communicative

the drama of alienation is no longer

ecstasy takes its place

our systems have the irreversibility of mythological production

a superior irony…

men and gods were not separated but instead seduced-





our limits in geographic space have explored the confines of the planet imploding the movement ceaselessly and without effort

there really is nothing more than man and his genitalia and his passions and his humors and his germs

the landscape as a baroque politic advertising within the disappearance of public space

and what if reality dissolves here and now? into the more real than real? if history were without a past? if seduction followed love?

and if all this were always exciting and despairing or absolutely nothing at all!

the truth against illusion…

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