19 Team MYSELF (Now You’re Talking)

Absolutely, Team Myself can’t be trampled upon,

Team Myself love itself too much now to allow that

Certainly, Team Myself will not permit anyone or anybody for that matter

To run amok inside its head

Clearly, you are not licensed to slay Team Myself’s very core,

its precious heart, into smithereens

Definitely, no one and nobody can make Team Myself change its mantra,

its credo “I Love You Self”, “I Am My Own Woman”

Precisely, without emotional involvement, there will be no

physical aerobics nor gymnastics, taboo to all sexual innuendoes

Unconditionally, you are not at liberty to make significant,

relevant decisions for Team Myself, you are strictly prohibited

Unquestionably, no questions asked, will not acquiesce to any

inequality, partiality and one-sidedness.

Go Team Myself…no procrastination

Put those feet down…now

it’s about time


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