4 Mother, Perfect?

Nobody’s perfect. And I mean, nobody.

Even if it happened to be your Mother

She’s not perfect alright,

She’s unreasonable, stubborn, bias and …

That, not perfect.

She may have carried you for 9 months

Gave birth to you, cared for you

Nurtured you, taught you to be a better person

Fed you, kissed your wounds to make it better

And that, still not perfect.

She singlehandedly sent you to get a better education

She labored with you thru homeworks, projects

Mid and final exams, and never to forget Thesis

Perfect? Naww

She painstakingly sit it out

While you were choosing your prom dresses

Took your hands, hugged you, kissed you

To alleviate the pain and ache of your first heartbreak

No, no, not perfect.

She was happy for you

Getting hitched, getting the best man for you

She cried a bucket during that fateful wedding of yours

She was doubled, no, tripled excited

With the new addition to your family

Perfect? You say

Still I’m baffled,

Then pray tell me

What PERFECT means…


(for you Mother, who needs perfection? This is definitely for you.)

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