9 Appreciation Overload (after the long haul)

Thank you, Friends and Enemies,

for the kind words and not-so-kind words

Thank you, Tear Ducts for the tear dam

Thank you Work, for making me the busiest ever

Thank you Kins and Relatives, for the realization

and pats not on the back but on the head

Thank you, 6-Hour Sleep, for coming back, welcome!

Thank you Rah Rah girls and boys, for crying with me,

for upliftment, for believing in me, for egging me on, prodding me

Thank you, Prayers, for being there for me,

for being my constant communicator,

for being my  instrument to talk to Him,

and, Thank You, most especially to You, for inculcating in me

that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

and yeah, there is not just a light but BLAZING LIGHT!

thanks to You, all of you.

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