23 Never It Would Be

I thought I’m healed

I thought I’min the same league as Wonder Woman

I thought I am solid-like any concrete monument

I thought my mind is stronger that my heart

I thought I am a stand-out, no ordinary soul,

that could forget the past so easily

I thought my bravado came back, intact

I thought my tearducts finally obeyed and stopped the flow

I thought …

But realization, that –

Wounds cannot be healed in a flash

I’m no Wonder Woman instead a definite fixture in a loco ward

Any monument will not stand the test of time with so-so materials used

Not to depend on my mind to win over my heart, not always, never ever

To forget is to forgive first, easily said than done

I’m not as courageous woman as I want to portray, no chance

Any reminder from the past will surely bring tears to the forth

The tearduct is not to be relied upon for non-supply of its commodity

And so I thought…but it was not so and never it would be…

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