Fractured Fairy Tales

Do you hanker after being on Fortune’s100, a zillionaire entrepreneur—

Like a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, a Jeff Bezos, and a Mark Zuckerberg?

Do you wish to be extraordinarily worthy if you’re really very nerdy?

Sure, you have an E.E. M.S. degree from Berkeley, Harvard, or even M.I.T.,

But here’s a nano-warning, as Melissa Gates explains, alimony is alarming.

Remember now this cliche, “Don’t count your chickens before the hatch”

Else adultery and a friendship with an Epstein from victory will snatch.

Do you see yourself an American princess, an uber-woke Grace Kelly?

Even if an aging D-list cable-TV actress, why oh why dream of such folly.

Then marry the dim-witted second son of the British Royal Family,

But beware, telling lies to Oprah and bullying the staff ends in calamity.


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