Physics exam

I am so not ready for my physics exam

Oh how to escape this exam room, o wish I had a plan

I anxiously wait as they hand out the paper

My palm’s are sweating, I feel trapped in my blazer


My heart races as the paper lands infront of me

I open the first page and am happy with what I see!

But as I work on, I feel my heart drop

The short lived relief I felt comes to a stop


The question infrontvof me tests content I’ve never seen in my life

Why do teachers think we young children can handle such strife

And now fear has made my mind go blank and freeze

I want to laugh at the fact that I thought this paper was a breeze


The rest of the questions are just as horrifically bad

I give up so fast, it’s actually quite sad

I pretend to work for the rest if the time

Acting like I’m acing it and everything is fine


Maybe in an alternate universe that would be the case

But right now I have to prepare myself for the unfortunate mark I’m going to face

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